Cleaning Protocol for Your Airbnb Rentals

Cleanliness translates to the satisfaction and comfort of guests for Airbnb rentals. Making sure that the apartment is clean is something you shouldn’t skimp on or skip. That’s because your guests expect you to uphold the highest quality and service standards. If your Airbnb rentals A low cleanliness score for your Airbnb can earn you a penalty. However, changing linens, sweeping the floors, and scrubbing tiles in the bathrooms between guests’ bookings can be physically and mentally draining. Don’t forget that keeping your rentals tidy and clean is just one of the duties of a host. Nevertheless, you can keep your property clean by adhering to this cleaning protocol for rental.

Hire Professional Cleaners between Guest Bookings

Your guests will hold you to high cleanliness standards as they do for full-service hotels. Thus, they don’t expect even a slightly low level of cleanliness from your Airbnb rentals. To meet the rigorous hospitality standards that guests expect of you, get the help of professionals. That’s because you don’t have a full-time housekeeping team like hotels. Nevertheless, you can hire a professional cleaner. This will scrub your rental property and make it ready for the next guests. Your cleaning process will be taken care of professionally. A professional cleaner will make the beds, clean and put dishes away, sweep and mop floors, clean bathtubs, toilets, and showers. They will also collect trash, wipe door handles, countertops, and light switches.

Schedule Deep Cleanings Periodically

Cleaning Airbnb rentals between guest bookings may keep the property looking tidy and fresh. However, it’s important to have the unit deep-cleaned periodically. Deep cleaning is not necessary all the time. However, it is necessary a couple of times in a year. If you do spring cleaning in your home, do the same to your rental. You can ask the company that provides cleaning between bookings whether it offers deep cleaning services. It’s better to have the same cleaning company to handle both regular cleaning and deep cleaning. That’s because the cleaners will be familiar with the property and its unique requirements. Deep cleaning should involve wiping the baseboards, cleaning under and inside the fridge and oven, shampooing carpets, cleaning inside the cabinets, cleaning closet corners and any specialized appliance or bathroom cleaning.

Replace Toiletries and Supplies

Replace supplies and toiletries like toilet paper and paper towels. If guests don’t find toiletries in your rentals, they won’t be happy. A cleaning company can inspect your property and inform you about supplies that need replacement.

Fix Property Damages

Most damages in Airbnb rentals are noticed when cleaning the property. If you don’t notice and fix the damage early, you risk leaving it to worsen or get negative feedback from guests. A reliable cleaning crew can look for damages and notify you about them. This will enable you to keep your property clean and suitable for cleaning. Cleaning rental properties is not easy. However, it’s often rewarded with positive reviews from guests. Follow this cleaning protocol to keep your Airbnb rentals clean to ensure the happiness and satisfaction of your guests.

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Best Carpet Cleaning Methods

Vacuuming your carpet regularly removes the upper layer of dirt, but it fails to reach on the deeper levels of fiber and eliminate the odor. This is where professional carpet cleaning services come into play. There are many types of carpet cleaning methods that can help you keep your delicate carpet in its original state and a safe place for your kids and pets. When experts use these techniques, you can expect exceptional results.

Main Types of Carpet Cleaning Methods:

Steam Extraction Carpet Cleaning

Steam cleaning is highly recommended for heavily soiled situations and use of less harmful products. This makes use of hot water extraction machine and green cleaning products. This method delivers exceptional results when amazing techniques and professional are into the mix. This is also safe for pets and children, and usually dries within 12 hours.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

This type of carpet cleaning method requires foam dry cleaning compounds and professionals. A special machine is used to agitate the soils, which is brought up on the surface and vacuumed easily. In this case, the carpet normally dries within 30 minutes. You can also request to add protector and additional moisturizes, to maintain the shine of the carpet for longer.

Foam Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to foam cleaning, there are two things involved: dry cleaning and shampooing. This process uses enough water and foam detergent, which will attract soil from the surface and easily vacuumed later. After a carpet technician works foaming into your carpet, they vacuum the rug and extract out the detergent, dirt, and water.


This is an amazing carpet cleaning method that entails distributing a foamy chemical onto the carpet. A motorized brush is used to scrub the dirt from the surface. The last stage is vacuuming to remove the soil and dry the surface.

How Often Should You Clean Your Windows and Window Tracks?

Windows and window tracks are some of the major components of a building that require thorough cleaning on a regular basis. Proper window cleaning is important for the improvement of quality and ambience of your space. It also enhances energy efficiency while preserving the overall value of your property. To enjoy these benefits, it is important that you know the right frequency of windows and tracks cleaning. Knowing the right times to clean your windows and window tracks ensure that you do not leave dirt, debris, rust and other harsh elements to accumulate in them. Their accumulation in the windows and window tracks will lead to quick damage, wear and tear.

Once a Year Schedule

Most homeowners and tenants clean their windows and window tracks once a year. While this is a viable option, it may not keep your windows in proper state throughout the year. In fact, it can encourage accumulation of dirt, debris, mold and other unpleasant elements. These will lead to faster wear and tear. If you only clean your windows and window tracks after twelve months, detecting problems like rust will also not be easy. Thus, you will put the entire structure in danger.

Twice a Year Schedule

Professionals from a top Winnipeg window cleaning company recommend that you clean windows and window tracks at least twice every year. This basically means conducting thorough cleaning of windows and window tracks after every six months. The twice a year schedule is a notable window cleaning tradition that’s often conducted during spring and fall. Cleaning your windows and window tracks in spring and before the holidays is usually more refreshing. In fact, the twice a year window cleaning schedule is the best. That’s because it enables you to maintain the appearance and quality of your windows and window tracks throughout the year. During spring, the weather tends to be more pleasant. The months before spring experience harsh environmental and weather conditions that attract dirt, debris, fogging, oxidation, mold and mildew. Therefore, cleaning windows during spring enables you to eliminate their build-up while protecting windows and window tracks from these elements in the next few months.

Cleaning your windows and window tracks in the fall ensures that the quality of your living and work spaces are properly improved in readiness for the holiday celebrations. This gives you peace of mind and an ample time to focus on the holidays. However, the frequency of window cleaning can depend on the location of your property. The environmental conditions in some locations require more frequent cleaning of windows and window tracks. For instance, if your home is located in a rural area that is prone to dust, you may have to clean windows and window tracks more than twice a year.

The type of property that you own can also determine window cleaning frequency. For example, commercial properties that experience consistent customer traffic may require windows and window tracks to be cleaned at least once a month. Although the twice a year schedule is the best for cleaning windows and window tracks, the decision may also depend on your personal needs and budget.