Massive Spring Cleaning Ideas

Most people cringe at the mere thought of cleaning the house. Well, actually it is not surprising at all. Just the thought of the massive amount of work involved with spring cleaning can really bring a shudder. Cleaning is the worst. If you’re not Martha Stewart or a self proclaimed OC, then you’d probably wholeheartedly agree with me. If you are not one of those people who find cleaning really fun and therapeutic, then it’s something that you will have to make more of a goal. To make your life much more easier, here are some basic tips to make spring cleaning a little easier, and not to mention more bearable.

Purge. Spring cleaning is not just about rearranging and organizing your place. It’s about getting rid of stuff that you don’t need to free up space. Spring cleaning is all about purging and decluttering. It’s the perfect opportunity to finally get rid of that 5 dollar figurine that’s been picking up dust in your living room for the past three years. To do this systematically, here’s a nice tip. Have four big boxes and label each of them. One box would be labeled throw, one would be keep, the other one would be sell and the last one would be donate. This way, it would be much easier for you to segregate your stuff. You’ll easily know what stuff to keep and what to discard.

Clean from the ceiling down the wall to the floor. Ceiling fixtures and the ceiling itself tend to get covered in dust, cobwebs and bugs so it is very important not to miss this area of the house. It’s best to unscrew the lightbulbs or whatever light fixture you have up there to able to clean it thoroughly. You can use a damp mop to clean the ceiling. As for the windows, it’s very important to clean the corners because that is where dust usually accumulates. Also, if you have blinds or other window treatments it’s important to wash them on a regular basis because they can get really dirty.

Assign spaces. The key to effective organization is proper space allocation. It is very important to designate a space for each of your stuff. Once you know where your stuff are located, it will be much easier for you to find it. This organization system would also prevent you from constantly misplacing stuff. Try to invest on nice storage bins and boxes as these can help in making your stuff more organized.

The Ultimate Cleaning Bucket List

A powerful pressure washer typically sprays water at high pressures to clean massive surfaces such as buildings, patios, sidewalks, farm equipment and roadways. Nothing says fun more than shooting dirt and debris off something with a power pressure washer. Your classic washer comes with a high pressure pump and reservoir, spray hose and nozzle, and an electrical cord or may run on gasoline. You only have to fill the reservoir and use a water hose to connect it to the water supply. Next plug in the power washer and you are totally ready to commence power cleaning.

The small electrical units can spray water out of the nozzle at pressures of over 1400 PSI, which is an astounding amount of pressure. As a precautionary warning, this much pressure can actually hurt you so keep your spraying limited to inanimate surfaces only. Speaking of pressure, make sure you have the correct power washer for the cleaning task at hand. For instance, if too much pressure is used, you can rip the paint off virtually any surface instead of just cleaning.  However, if you there is an intent to wash and remove old paint off surfaces such as porches or decks, than a high power washer is the way to go. However, the golden rule to follow is to test a small inconspicuous area before going for it all.

All right, now that the preventive messages are expressed, what else can be cleaned with a power washer? How about cleaning the aluminum or wood siding on your home, which is very convenient when no maintenance to the outside of your house has not been done for quite some time. Or how about cleaning the driveway, just fire up that power pressure washer and shoot away the dirt, stones, and anything else standing in the way of a clean driveway.