Cleaning Protocol for Your Airbnb Rentals

Cleanliness translates to the satisfaction and comfort of guests for Airbnb rentals. Making sure that the apartment is clean is something you shouldn’t skimp on or skip. That’s because your guests expect you to uphold the highest quality and service standards. If your Airbnb rentals A low cleanliness score for your Airbnb can earn you a penalty. However, changing linens, sweeping the floors, and scrubbing tiles in the bathrooms between guests’ bookings can be physically and mentally draining. Don’t forget that keeping your rentals tidy and clean is just one of the duties of a host. Nevertheless, you can keep your property clean by adhering to this cleaning protocol for rental.

Hire Professional Cleaners between Guest Bookings

Your guests will hold you to high cleanliness standards as they do for full-service hotels. Thus, they don’t expect even a slightly low level of cleanliness from your Airbnb rentals. To meet the rigorous hospitality standards that guests expect of you, get the help of professionals. That’s because you don’t have a full-time housekeeping team like hotels. Nevertheless, you can hire a professional cleaner. This will scrub your rental property and make it ready for the next guests. Your cleaning process will be taken care of professionally. A professional cleaner will make the beds, clean and put dishes away, sweep and mop floors, clean bathtubs, toilets, and showers. They will also collect trash, wipe door handles, countertops, and light switches.

Schedule Deep Cleanings Periodically

Cleaning Airbnb rentals between guest bookings may keep the property looking tidy and fresh. However, it’s important to have the unit deep-cleaned periodically. Deep cleaning is not necessary all the time. However, it is necessary a couple of times in a year. If you do spring cleaning in your home, do the same to your rental. You can ask the company that provides cleaning between bookings whether it offers deep cleaning services. It’s better to have the same cleaning company to handle both regular cleaning and deep cleaning. That’s because the cleaners will be familiar with the property and its unique requirements. Deep cleaning should involve wiping the baseboards, cleaning under and inside the fridge and oven, shampooing carpets, cleaning inside the cabinets, cleaning closet corners and any specialized appliance or bathroom cleaning.

Replace Toiletries and Supplies

Replace supplies and toiletries like toilet paper and paper towels. If guests don’t find toiletries in your rentals, they won’t be happy. A cleaning company can inspect your property and inform you about supplies that need replacement.

Fix Property Damages

Most damages in Airbnb rentals are noticed when cleaning the property. If you don’t notice and fix the damage early, you risk leaving it to worsen or get negative feedback from guests. A reliable cleaning crew can look for damages and notify you about them. This will enable you to keep your property clean and suitable for cleaning. Cleaning rental properties is not easy. However, it’s often rewarded with positive reviews from guests. Follow this cleaning protocol to keep your Airbnb rentals clean to ensure the happiness and satisfaction of your guests.

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Improving Your Home with Regular Maid Service

Do you know that you can improve your home by hiring a maid service on regular basis? Generally, you should yearn for coming home after a long day at work. That’s because your home should be clean and the most comfortable place to unwind with your family. However, household chores are a challenge for most homeowners with full-time jobs.

When you get home tired in the evening, you don’t have the energy to clean your home. But, animal hair, spilled foods, and regular tear and wear of your children, as well as the stream of grime and dirt seem endless.

Unfortunately, many people don’t know how this affects life in their homes. Nevertheless, it’s now possible to improve your home with a regular maid service. Here are some of the ways a maid service will improve your home.

Enhance Comfort

Virtually everybody appreciates a clean and organized home. You feel more comfortable when you relax in a clean home. That’s because a clean home doesn’t have eyesores. An organized home also has more space for relaxation. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about cleaning your home when you hire a maid service. Essentially, hiring a maid service on regular basis relieves you stress both now and in the future.

Keep Your Home Sparkling Clean

When you hire a regular maid service, you keep your home sparkling clean. That’s because even when you don’t have time or energy to clean your home, professional cleaners will do the job for you. Most providers of cleaning services will even come to your home in the evening or over the weekend and clean it. Thus, you avoid stressing over maintaining cleanliness in your home because you get the job done by making a simple phone call. Whether your home needs cleaning once per week or twice a month to remain sparkling clean, you just talk to professional cleaners.

Aside from the basic cleaning checklist, some cleaning companies even offer additional related services such as window cleaning, yard clean up, paint touch ups, eavestrough cleaning & more. If you had to hire a different company for each one of these jobs, it would cost you a whole lot more money than to have one company do it all! If you’re thinking of getting everything done for you then these types of businesses are what you should be looking for.

So, if you don’t have the time or energy to keep your home clean, hire a regular maid service. That way, you will improve your home with minimal effort.