Best Carpet Cleaning Methods

Vacuuming your carpet regularly removes the upper layer of dirt, but it fails to reach on the deeper levels of fiber and eliminate the odor. This is where professional carpet cleaning services come into play. There are many types of carpet cleaning methods that can help you keep your delicate carpet in its original state and a safe place for your kids and pets. When experts use these techniques, you can expect exceptional results.

Main Types of Carpet Cleaning Methods:

Steam Extraction Carpet Cleaning

Steam cleaning is highly recommended for heavily soiled situations and use of less harmful products. This makes use of hot water extraction machine and green cleaning products. This method delivers exceptional results when amazing techniques and professional are into the mix. This is also safe for pets and children, and usually dries within 12 hours.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

This type of carpet cleaning method requires foam dry cleaning compounds and professionals. A special machine is used to agitate the soils, which is brought up on the surface and vacuumed easily. In this case, the carpet normally dries within 30 minutes. You can also request to add protector and additional moisturizes, to maintain the shine of the carpet for longer.

Foam Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to foam cleaning, there are two things involved: dry cleaning and shampooing. This process uses enough water and foam detergent, which will attract soil from the surface and easily vacuumed later. After a carpet technician works foaming into your carpet, they vacuum the rug and extract out the detergent, dirt, and water.


This is an amazing carpet cleaning method that entails distributing a foamy chemical onto the carpet. A motorized brush is used to scrub the dirt from the surface. The last stage is vacuuming to remove the soil and dry the surface.

Special Cleaning Tips from a Professional Home Inspector

Ensuring that your house is sparkling clean is a sure way to get a good home inspector report. One thing that will devalue your property or turn off buyers faster is a home that looks grimy, uncared for, and dirty. That’s why you should clean your home like an expert when preparing for an inspection.

Here are special cleaning tips from a professional home inspector to help you do this job:

Clean Windows and Glass

Ensure that you have taken time to clean every window and its glass. Make sure that each of the glasses and windows is sparkling clean. Remember that windows let natural light into your home. If they are not immaculately clean, they won’t serve this purpose. Cleaning windows and their glass will bring in natural light and create a great first impression for your home. Therefore, take time to clean your mirrors and windows and polish them.

Clean the Ceiling and Flooring Surfaces

Clean tiles properly to ensure that they reflect light that enters your home through the windows. Make sure that carpets are also clean to look and feel cozy. Don’t forget to clean the dust and grime in the skirting boards. Also check for unsightly cobwebs on the ceilings especially in the top corners of your home. Also ensure that there is no dust in the ceiling skirting.

Clean Cupboards

People look inside the cupboards when viewing a home. The inspector will also check your cupboards both inside and out. Therefore, take time to clean the cupboards and install the necessary essentials. Ensure that your cupboards have an ample space rather than pipe up a junk that will tip out on the floor the moment they are opened.

Clean Drawers and Doors

Failure to clean the drawers and doors thoroughly is a major mistake that you can make when preparing for a home inspection. Apart from cleaning the cupboard doors, clean the internal doors too. Also clean the back and front doors of your home.

Clean out the dust and dirt that tend to collect behind drawers and doors. You may not notice this during regular cleaning. However, take time to remove it when cleaning your home in readiness for an inspection.

Clean the Kitchen and Bathrooms

Pay special attention to the kitchen and the bathroom. Clean the glass doors, stoves, behind toilets, sinks, oven tops, and taps. Leave your kitchen and bathroom sparkling clean. Also remember to empty rubbish.

If for any reason you can’t clean your home even with these special cleaning tips from a professional home inspector, hire a professional cleaner.


This special cleaning guideline was provided by TrueView Home Inspections, a company that offers a qualified & detailed home inspection Winnipeg homeowners can receive.